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6 Makeup Tips For The Lazy MUA

For the last few years, I have been playing around with makeup, getting better look by look. I'm the type of person that likes to know how to do things herself, be it beauty or carpentry. These are some of my more recent looks and as you can see, I'm no Jackie Aina but I get the job done! If you're a professional MUA or have aspirations to be one, this is not the post for you. This one here goes out to all my fellow lazy people!

1. Start Small

This tip is my favorite, because it involves having to do less! Anyone who's known me for at least 5 years will tell you that I used to NEVER use makeup. Seriously. Not one drop. I didn't start getting into makeup until about my sophomore year at THE Florida State University (I had to squeeze that in there, go Noles!). So, that puts me at about 20 years old in a world where it seemed like every girl was a liquid eyeliner expert.

Watching Youtube videos was, and still is, extremely helpful but sometimes they were also overwhelming! For a newbie, the foundation, contour, concealer world was information overload. To use or not use a primer? Which parts of my face need to be contoured and which need to be concealed? Full coverage or medium? Blend with a brush or a beauty blender? It was too much! But I learned a secret.

If you put something on your eyes and some lip gloss, it has the same effect as a full face of makeup! Of course, this depends on your goals when putting makeup on. Some mascara and lip gloss won't turn you into Beyoncé, but it will give you the little pop you need for a casual look. Personally, I made the choice to focus on eyeshadow. It's sooo pretty and I fell in love with all the different blends of colors that were possible with just the flick of a wrist. I dedicated myself to getting better at eyeshadow and eyebrows and for about a year, that's all I did! So, find an area of makeup you're most interested in and master that first.

2. Learn From The Experts

I know I said Youtube could be overwhelming but it is also the easiest and cheapest resource to learn from. I am not the type of YouTube consumer that subscribes to channels and has favorites, I think the only channel I subscribe to is Yoga With Adriene (who I mention in this post). So, I'm sorry but I don't have any people that come to mind to tell you to go watch but as far as Instagram accounts go, I love Herapatra, Arnell Armon, Jackie Aina and Tammi Clarke and I'm sure their YouTube channels are great!

My tip for YouTube would be, to be specific with your searches. As I was learning to work with eyeshadow, my searches were things like "how to blend eyeshadow" or "how to make eyeshadow colors pop on brown skin" and as I got more advanced I would look up things like, "how to cut crease". There are so many videos on YouTube and a lot of them are really in depth and specific so be precise with what you're trying to learn as it pertains to that area you chose to focus on in tip 1!

3. Blend!!!

No matter what area of makeup you're focusing on, blending is CRUCIAL. If you've decided to focus on contouring, you need to blend. If you want to become the master of highlight, you need to blend. If you only want to do your brows, you need to blend. Blend, blend, blend. I can't stress it enough. We're lazy, but we want to look good!

4. Wash Your Tools

Okay, I titled this 6 Makeup Tips For The Lazy MUA so I'm not going to pretend that I wash my beauty blender and brushes after every look. When el perreo at Wynwood is calling, there's no time to wash brushes! But sis, please wash them at some point. I have messed up so many of my looks because of brushes that had a different color on them and it is SO frustrating. One of the best things I bought was a makeup brush pad. It is basically a rough sponge that you can run your brush across to get off eyeshadow color, which is a Godsend when you're mixing multiple colors and you don't have a million brushes to work with.

Wash your tools! You don't want to mess up your foundation with a sponge that has contour on it or blend black eyeshadow into your orange look (guilty). Plus, cleaner tools are much better for your skin health and face! Which is a perfect segue into tip 5.

5. Wash. Your. Face.

I know, I know. After a night out, you're tempted to rip those lashes off, if you have any on, and flop into bed. Personally, I like to shower after going out so this one is easy for me but I have had those nights where I can't bare to get into the shower after going out, I told y'all where I went to school right? It may be hard but it is so important to wash your makeup off before going to bed. Makeup clogs your pores, stray eyeshadow particles can infect your eyes, you get makeup all over your pillow, it's just not a good look. We may be lazy, but we aren't dirty!

It is also important to wash your face BEFORE putting makeup on. Our faces naturally produce oils and these oils can affect how the makeup lays on your face. You want a completely blank canvas for your art!

**I also want to say that moisturizers are equally important. Makeup and the process of putting it on can dry out your skin so keep it moisturized.

6. Trust Yourself

There isn't one tip that is more important than this one. Makeup is supposed to be FUN. You don't need it. Don't stress yourself out, beautiful! I genuinely have fun putting makeup on, most of the time I put on a full face of makeup at home and then take it right off. You say waste of money, I say avoiding boredom snacks. Blended eyeshadow is so beautiful to me and I like to try new looks but sometimes I get hung up on perfection. I get frustrated because my eyeliner isn't straight and messed up my color, my crease is too fat, my blending isn't seamless enough. Getting hung up on these minor details takes the fun out of makeup. More times than not, the looks I stress over the most wind up being my favorite ones!

Using inspiration pics to do your look is okay, but getting down on yourself if your look doesn't turn out exactly like the picture isn't helpful. Your own twist on a look makes it more your own, which makes it more beautiful and suited for YOU. Which is who makeup is for. You. No one else. Almost every look that I added to this post was inspired by a picture that looks nothing like my final result but I still love every one of my looks!

Go and Be Great!

That's it! Those are all my tips. I hope they are helpful and that you had fun reading! Smile, have a great day, and have FUN!


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